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Nordic collaboration for security and etiquette

The countries within the Nordic Karate Federation have decided to start a collaboration to prevent the breaking of rules, security breeches and misconduct by member clubs.

There have been incidents where coaches and clubs competing in neigbouring countries have been found breaking rules in a serious manner seemingly under the wrong impression that it is easier and more accepted abroad. For example such as deliberately enrolling the same person in more than one age category, under false names. The NKF leadership share the opinion that this type of behaviour is not only deemed unethichal but also puts the competitor and opponents in the same categories in risk of injury. It´s particularly serious when it comes to children and youths, considering the differences in physical growth and mental maturaty that can rapidly change within this period of life. Matters like this and others, which can be labelled as misconduct, will be reported to the national federation by the chief referee present at the competition in question, and forwarded to the home country for the coach/club involved in the incident, for possible further judicial action.

The goal with this collaboration is to maintain the quality of competition and to protect the values of karate, budo, such as respectful and ethical etiquette.

The decision was made at a NKF meeting in connection to the European Championships in Guadalajara.

Two bronzes and one silver for the Nordic countries at the European karate Championships in Madrid 2019

The Nordic countries achieved a good result in the European karate Championships in Madrid 2019. The medals were won in the female categories, where Katrine Pedersen of Denmark got the bronze in kumite -68, as well as the Finnish Titina Keinanen in the category of kumite +68. The medals were alse very close in other categories, Norway had two matches for the third-place medals, where Norwegian Bettina Alstadsaether lost against Slovakia which meant a fifth place in the classification. The same result was accomplished by Norwegian Federico Lopez Salas Adrian, who lost by decision against the competitor of Montenegro.

Male kumite +84 Ismail Bellemkhannate Norway.
Male kumite -60 Casper Lidegaard Denmark.
Female kumite -61 Anna-Johanna Nilsson Sweden.
Female kumite -50 Kristine Vica Latvia.
Female team kumite Norway.


Monica Preem

Estonia had a great achievement through Monika Preem, who took the silver medal in the Blind / Visually impaired category.


World Championship Bronze for Hana Antunovic

Hana Antunovic

The 2018 World Karate Championship concluded in Madrid (Spain) on Sunday 11th of November in a true celebration of sportsmanship and sports values. After six exciting days of Karate action, the historic tournament edition crowned the new kings and queens of the sport. The only medal of the Nordic countries was bronze, by Swedish Hana Antunovic, who achieved an outstanding result and got the long-awaited World Cup medal in Kumite +68.

Kalvis Kalnins , from Latvia, was close to another bronze medal, after making an excellent championship and qualifying for the third place match. He lost in a tight fight with the result of 4-5.

Historic gold to Norway in Youth Olympics

Annika Saelid of Norway made history and won the gold medal in Women’s Kumite +59 kg against Sakura Sawashima of Japan during day 12 of the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games 2018. Taking place at Oceania Pavilion in the Youth Olympic Park on October 18, 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.