Nordic Championships 2021

This years Nordic Championship will take place in Stavanger, Norway, on Saturday 27th of November. The 2020 edition that also was meant to have taken place in Norway, was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year the organization committee in Stavanger once again picks up the torch and aim to carry out the NC. The Championship is open to the 8 member countries of the Nordic Karate Federation, who are looking to celebrate Nordic karate once again in this, hopefully, post-Corona event. You will find the bulletin below. Welcome!

EKF Junior, Cadet & U21 Championships 20-22 of August, 2021 – Tampere, Finland

Four medals to the Nordic Countries in Finland.

Besides the fantastic effort from the Finnish Karate Federation in arranging the competition, in the midst of a pandemic, Sweden and Denmark was the Nordic winners this time around. Congratulations!

Matilda Rosenlind, Sweden Gold in Kumite U21 – 55 kg.
Anthony Vu, Sweden, silver in Cadet Kata.
Christoffer Stouby Nielsen, Denmark, silver in Kumite U21 -75 kg
Frederik Godthjælp Petersen, Denmark, bronze in Kumite U21 + 84 kg


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Nordic Championships 2020 cancelled

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the NC 2020 that was to take place in Stavanger, Norway, at the end of November has regrettably been cancelled. The Nordic Karate Federation would like to thank the event organizers for the great work they have put in during the planning of the event.

Strong performances at the European Championships for Cadets, Juniors & U21 in Budapest.

1185 competitors from 52 countries gave their best at the championship in BOK Arena 7-9th of February. Several medals and top ten positions went to the countries within the NKF. Congratulations!

U21 Kumite Female -68 Kg, Gold, Saelid Annika, Norway

U21 Kumite Male -75 Kg, Silver, Nielsen Christoffer, Denmark

Cadet Kumite Female 54+ Kg, Bronze , Zarei Lara, Sweden

Cadet Kumite Female 54+ Kg, Bronze, Lahi Genta, Denmark

Cadet Kumite Male -70 Kg, Bronze, Jermolaev Artjom, Latvia

Cadet Kumite Male -70 Kg, Bronze, Disle Gvidas, Lithuania

Junior Kumite Male -76 Kg, 5, Ephrem Kristensen Noah, Denmark

Junior Kumite Male 76+ Kg, 5, Baranov Albert, Estonia

U21 Kumite Male -60 Kg, 5, Jodelli Jimmy, Denmark

Cadet Kata Male, 7, Tran William, Sweden

Junior Kata Female, 7, Skalare Matilda, Sweden

Cadet Kumite Male -52 Kg, 7, Kashi Adiel, Finland

Junior Kumite Female -48 Kg, 7, Mihailova Aleksandra, Latvia

Junior Kumite Female -59 Kg, 7, Handelsby Nora Benedicte, Norway

Junior Kumite Female 59+ Kg, 7, Muennoi Tatiana, Denmark

U21 Kumite Male -67 Kg, 7, Busk-Matthiasen Lucas, Denmark

Cadet Kata Female, 9, Skogstrom Hanna, Sweden

Cadet Kumite Male -63 Kg, 9, Vilkas Augustas, Lithuania

Junior Kumite Female -59 Kg, 9, Rosenlind Matilda, Sweden

U21 Kumite Female -55 Kg, 9, Skogland Mariam, Norway

U21 Kumite Male 84+ Kg, 9, Godthjaelp Petersen Christian Denmark