Nordic Championships

The Nordic Championships takes place every year in one of the 8 member countries. Eligible to participate are the National Teams or contestanst appointed by the national federation. Referees holds international WKF, EKF or Nordic License.

Categories are Cadet, Junior and Senior, individual and teams, in both Kata and Kumite. Apart from individual and team medals, a Trophy Cup is passed to the best nation each year. Denmark holds he record of highest number of consecutive wins.

The history and schedule for the Nordic Championships:

2024 Iceland Reykjavik
2023-04-08 Sweden Gothenburg
2022 -11-26 Latvia  Riga
2021 -11-27 Norway Stavanger
2020 Norway  Cancelled due to Pandemic
2019-11-23 Denmark Kolding
2018-11-24 Finland Tampere
2017-04-08 Estonia Tallinn
2016-04-09 Denmark Aalborg
2015-04-11 Iceland Reykjavik
2014-04-12 Latvia Riga
2013-04-13 Norway Oslo
2012-04-14 Sweden Kristianstad
2011-04-16 Finland Tampere
2010-04-10 Estonia Tallinn
2009-04-17 Denmark Copenhagen
2008-04-12 Iceland Reykjavik