Rules and regulations

The World Karate Federation, WKF, Kata and Kumite competition rules shall apply during the NC. Entry registration will only be allowed through each federation’s National team. Only citizens with a valid passport from a country belonging to the NKF may participate in the Nordic Championships. 

The NKC is a competition for cadets 14-15 years, juniors 16-17 years and seniors 18+ years. Kata seniors 16+, team Kata female and men 16+ years, Team Kumite female and men 18+ years. U21 is not applicable category.  Competitors can only compete in their own age category.

  • Every participating country federation has the right to register two (2) competitors to each Kumite category and two (2) in kata. Those federations that compete in kata team have the right to register the third competitor in her or his age category. No Bunkai in team Kata.
    Only one (1) team per country in each team category is allowed.
  • In seeding and draws for the NC, the priority is that the nation takes precedence over last year’s results, meaning that the seeding should be done in such a way that competitors from the same nation meet as late as possible in the category.
  • If there is four (4) or less participant in one category the organizer will have the possibility to move the participant up one category.
  • An annual prize goes to the country that been awarded with most medals at the Nordic Championships.
  • Weighing shall be offered to the competitors the evening before competition and before the competition starts, tolerance is 0,2 kilograms up or down.
  • Each country is allowed 1 coach per 5 athletes up to a maximum of 6 coaches.